in.hub product overview

Smart IoT / IIoT devices for the digitalization of machines & processes in industry

High performance hardware for condition monitoring & retrofit

Plug & play complete solutions for monitoring a wide range of parameters

Operating system with analytics and evaluation software

make it. simple. plug & play.

Digitization solutions

Hardware and software for the digital transformation of medium-sized companies

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Our product portfolio includes a variety of smart IoT / IIoT devices for data acquisition, analysis and distribution. In addition, even more specific applications such as energy management, proactive maintenance and servicing measures and the monitoring of technical cleanliness can be implemented via the IoT / IIoT modules. All our products have been developed according to the latest standards and specifically for the needs of manufacturing companies and are particularly suitable for permanent use. The open interfaces of all in.hub products ensure unlimited compatibility with other devices and IT systems in order to map the greatest possible benefits.

in.hub product categories


IoT / IIoT gateways for the acquisition, processing and analysis of data for the digitization of machines, plants and processes.

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Modules to extend the functionality of the IoT / IIoT gateways.

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Overall systems

Plug & play bundles of gateway, sensors and analytics software for immediate deployment.

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Software SIINEOS

Operating system with integrated software modules specifically for IoT / IIoT applications.

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App MaDoW

Application software for recording the downtimes and productive times of machines and plants

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The in.hub community

You have a question about a product, a setting in SIINEOS or a specific application? In addition to the FAQs, you will now also find help in our in.hub Community.

Ask a question and we will answer it as soon as possible. Or feel free to participate in the solution process yourself.

Our goal
: A community that also exchanges ideas across company boundaries and develops products together with us that are oriented towards practice and not theory.

Frequently asked questions

How do I determine the individual limit values for my system in order to be able to evaluate the wear?

This is different. You can do this with algorithms or also with external software connection or via threshold values. Feel free to contact us, we will advise you.

What is a backplane bus?

This is a rear hardware interface on our devices to connect devices mounted side by side with a connector. This process is described in detail in the operating instructions.

Is there customer support in case questions or problems arise?

Yes, customer service can be reached at

Are there already ready-made interfaces to SAP?

No, there is currently no standard interface to SAP. A connection (also bidirectional) to SAP is customer-specific.

I am an equipment manufacturer and would like to offer my equipment as Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) in the future. Does in.hub also offer special options so that I can monitor and control my machine remotely?

Yes, this is a frequently used application with our products. The in.hub technology makes it possible to access all connected devices remotely if the corresponding function has been activated beforehand. We work here either with VPN or with VNC connections. This can be done either from the on-site network or via the public data network (e.g. Telekom 4G).

I need more interfaces and a different design. Is it possible to adapt the in.hub products specifically to my wishes?

Yes, this is possible. Just contact us with your requirements. We also customize our products in "form, fit & function".

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