Monitoring of productivity and downtime of all machines and equipment

Easy to retrofit via plug & play

Minute recording

make it. simple. plug & play.

Machine downtime monitoring

With our app MaDoW you monitor your entire production. Using simple signals, the exact downtimes and productivity times of all machines and systems are recorded to the minute. A piece count is included on top.

Overview of all your production processes

In MadoW, you map your entire production process.

How? By defining all lines (machine or production lines) and stations (process steps of a line to be monitored) of the production landscape yourself.

Feedback on individual downtime reasons

In MaDoW, you can individually define the reasons for possible downtimes yourself and receive feedback on them:

e.g. maintenance, break, repair, etc.

In addition, the actual quantities can also be displayed during productive times.

MaDoW Master production visualization

In MaDoW Master, a floor plan with all connected devices can be displayed as a layout.

This layout can be individually configured and generates considerable added value in terms of shop floor and lean management.


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