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September 2023 | in.hub at the aaa Chemnitz


Of course, we cannot be missing in Chemnitz!

We will be exhibiting at booth 1-453 on September 27 and 28.

We will show you our retrofittable hardware and software for your smart factory. The software siineos for the digitalization of machines, plants and processes as well as the powerful app MaDoW for the monitoring of downtimes and productive times of machines and plants.

But that's not all!

On Sept. 28, there will be a presentation by CEO Christian Groß on the topic of "Status quo IIoT - is the subsequent digitization of a machine possible on one's own in 2023?"

Free tickets are available here

Forget the old numbers, because here comes our new number!

We are not only digitizing machines and processes but also our own telephone system 📞💁‍♂️ we have just upgraded to cloud telephony.

📞💡 Let's continue to define technological progress together and take your digitization experience to a new level, don't hesitate to contact us!

Our new general phone number is now 

+49 371 33 565 500

As always, we look forward to engaging in conversation with you. 💪😄🚀

Your team in.hub

Tutorial series on Youtube (German)


We are happy that we have now put the first 6 episodes of our tutorial series on siineos online! 🚀👨‍💻🌐

In our previous videos, we have covered a variety of topics - from setting up the time zone 🕖 and the network to the firewall module and various functions such as measurement value processing. We also showed how to visualize measured values 📊 and gave many other useful tips and tricks that will help our users to exploit the full potential of siineos.

And that's just the beginning - in the coming weeks and months, we'll be covering many more interesting topics that will help you realize the full potential of siineos. Whether siineos is used in production, warehousing or other areas - we have tips and tricks that will save you ⏳ time and 💸 costs.

➜ 🎬 👍🏻✅

We invite everyone interested to watch the first 6 episodes of our tutorial series (in German only) and feel free to send us your feedback. We would really appreciate your comments and likes to know what you liked the most and where we can improve. 💡

Link to the Youtube Playlist:

March 2023 | in.hub as expert for condition monitoring at the aaa in Friedrichshafen


From 07.03. - 08.03.2023 we will be live and in color again for all questions around the digitization of machines and plants at the start!

Marco & Christian will be happy to show you our retrofittable hardware and software for your smart factory:

  • - Software siineos for the digitalization of machines and processes for self configure, manage and network yourself - without any programming at all
  • - App MaDoW for monitoring downtimes and productive times of machines and plants


27.09.2023 – 28.09.2023 | all about automation in Chemnitz

Trade fair kick-off for 2023 at all about automation in Hamburg

Let's go into the new Meesjahr 2023!

From 25.01.2023 - 26.01.2023 you can see us live and in color at booth OG-213 at the all about automation in Hamburg live and in color.

  • Powerful and robust hardware for the implementation of IIoT projects
  • Software siineos for the digitalization of machines, plants and processes
  • App MaDoW for monitoring downtimes and productive times of machines and plants

Lecture by Christian Groß

Wednesday, 25.01.2023 | 14:20 h | Talk Lounge

Status quo IIoT - Is the subsequent digitization of a machine possible on one's own in 2023?

Make a note of it already now:

27.09.2023 – 28.09.2023 | aaa in Chemnitz

Help! It's Christmas time.


Our podcast with Hans Turck and IoT Use Case is now available online


In this podcast we explain the first joint use-case for control cabinet monitoring with Hans Turck. Together with Madeleine Mickeleit and Klaus Ebinger we discuss challenges and opportunities for the automation industry and show how our siineos operating system and IIoT platform will add great value to Hans Turck hardware in the future.

Listen to the podcast here.

7th Saxon Automation Day | Lecture on increasing productivity in medium-sized companies

Christian speaks on the topic at the 7th Saxon Automation Day of the Innovation Network Mechanical Engineering Saxony VEMASinnovativ:

📢Presenting ways to quickly and easily increase the productivity of existing machinery and equipment.

>> Keyword: RETROFIT

The associated benefits:

📌to exploit the maximum service life of existing machines and plants >> Keyword: Sustainability.

📌to minimize lengthy investment decisions >> keyword: resource conservation

📌to generate added value for customers through new business models >> keyword: competitive advantage


Day | Tuesday, 06.09.2022

Time | from 09:30

Place | Kraftverkehr Chemnitz

Reason to celebrate! 5 years in.hub!

4️⃣3️⃣8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ hours = 1️⃣8️⃣2️⃣5️⃣ days = 5️⃣ years in.hub!

Woooohaa! 🥳💥

To make a long story short: We are megahappy to have made it this far! 🙌

Was also sometimes no walk in the park, but above all it was

👉 Joy to work in a team on new ideas and products.

👉 Joy to see that it works

👉 Joy to create and grow new solutions together with customers

👉 Joy to experience that many things can be done, even if previously it was said "it can't be done".

What should happen in the next 5 years?

👉 To continue doing what we do with joy!

Namely, to digitize everything there is to digitize in medium-sized companies! 😎

Home game for the in.hub at the all about automation in Chemnitz


The last in.hub fair for 2022 will take place in our beautiful home town Chemnitz!

WHEN | 28.09.22 & 29.09.22

WHERE | Chemnitz Fair | Booth 1-431

each 9-16 o'clock


We are happy to talk & answer questions on all topics related to the digital factory with condition monitoring and retrofit at plant, machine and process level:


Contamination | Corrosion load | Vibration Plant availability | Downtime current patterns | test results | test mechanisms | process events environmental parameters | technical cleanliness | wear and tear


improvement of quality processes | increase of plant availability | Optimization of value-added processes | Reduction of failure rates | Establishment of digital business models | Quality improvement | Process cost reduction | Automation of business processes

How can users be facilitated access to IIoT systems in a quick and easy way?


IoT systems are becoming increasingly complex and can therefore often only be operated by trained specialists.

Due to the high demand for IoT systems and the known shortage of skilled personnel, an ever-growing technology gap is emerging in German companies. In his presentation at all about automation in Heilbronn, Christian explains how in the future the handling of IIoT systems can be made easier for every user and at the same time great opportunities for the industry can be created together.

✅ So don't miss it and visit the talk in the Talk Lounge on 18.05.2022 at 10:25 am!


If you have a little more time, you should also follow the great panel discussion "Why wait - we earn money with digitalization now!" from 11:15 am. Here, too, Christian will contribute our experiences alongside other experts and answer your questions.

Next Step: all about automation in Heilbronn


🥳 Our next all about automation trade fair will take us to Heilbronn in May!

WHEN: 18.05.2022 - 19.05.2022 | BOOTH: B-230


👉 IoT gateway portfolio for monitoring machine states

👉 pSYS particle measurement system for seamless recording and evaluation of dust classes

👉 Vibration measurement system vSYS for vibration analysis of motors, machines, couplings, and mechanical parts

Christian will also be speaking on 18.05.2022 at 10:25 am in the Talk Lounge on the topic: "IoT systems as easy as a smartphone - How to retrofit IoT devices in just a few days using simple and intuitive usage concepts".

in.hub wishes Happy Easter


The in.hub team wishes you all a Happy Easter with lots of sunshine, fresh air and above all lots of time for family and friends! Enjoy the time and let the sun shine on your belly! 😎

in.hub will also be at all about automation in 2022


Successful start into the trade fair year 2022!

This year, our first of four trade show appearances at all about automation will be in Friedrichshafen on beautiful Lake Constance. There will again be exciting 👀Insights on condition monitoring, retrofit, particle measurement, vibration and much more - everything to do with the digital factory.

Special treat: Christian will open this year's Talk Lounge at all about automation with his presentation on the topic of IoT systems as simple as a smartphone - How to retrofit IoT devices in just a few days using simple and intuitive usage concepts.

in.hub nominated for Entrepreneur Award 2022


We are incredibly proud and grateful to have been nominated for the special award "Saxony Founds - Start-Up 2022"!

This prize honors Saxon founders for their courage, their commitment, their business ideas and their impulses for the Saxon economy. On May 13, 2022, the award ceremony will take place at the Transparent Factory in Dresden.

in.hub live at the BESSER LACKIEREN EXPO


Avoiding particle contamination and reducing downtime and rework costs in the painting process quickly and easily.

Christian Groß will provide live information on this topic at the BESSER LACKIEREN EXPO.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 15, 2022

TIME: 09:50 - 10:10 a.m.

pSYS particle measuring system wins SWS Innovation Award 2020


🥳 Hip Hip Hooray - We are the winners of the SWS Innovation Award 2020! 🙌

If that's not a reason to celebrate! 🍾🥂

Out of a multitude of nominations, our particle measurement system pSYS prevailed! Why our solution was awarded as innovation? Our pSYS for localizing particle sources and monitoring production conditions combines many added values that make the hearts of those responsible for production, purchasing, occupational safety, quality and controlling beat faster:

👉 Reduced production costs by lowering rejection rates and reducing rework costs.

👉 Improvement of occupational safety conditions for employees

👉 Optimization of quality processes

in.hub is one of the finalists!


As part of the competition "Saxony's Entrepreneur of the Year 2022", we were able to fight our way into the final from 12 finalists in the category "Saxony Founds - Start-up 2022" from 50 entries.

We are incredibly grateful and proud to have made it this far!

On 13.05.2022, the award ceremony will take place at Volkswagen's Transparent Factory in Dresden. 

2nd trade fair in 2022 | all about automation in Heilbronn


Marco and Christian will personally advise visitors to the trade fair from 18.05.2022 - 19.05.2022 on all topics relating to the digitization of machines, systems and processes. The insights from successfully completed projects in pretty much all industries underpin the expertise of the colleagues and contribute to a lively exchange of information and experience.

The most requested topics are always the condition monitoring of machines and plants and here in particular the standstill monitoring as well as their connection to internal systems such as the ERP.

in.hub at the event "Avoiding damage when finishing metal surfaces"


Christian Groß is a speaker at the online event "Avoiding damage when finishing metal surfaces".

WHEN: 01.06.2022 | 10:20 - 10:45 a.m.

TOPIC: Reducing failure and rework costs through particle measurement in the powder coating process

Paint defects caused by entrapped particles on paint surfaces are not uncommon in powder coating either. A simple measurement methodology is used to show how users can detect the causes of contamination and powder carryover and counteract them in the long term. Based on practical examples from operators see how it is possible with the near-real-time particle measurement system pSYS to find causes quickly and to optimize the production area "surface" sustainably.

Your contact to in.hub

+49371 335-655-00 Telefon phone E-Mail mail