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24/7 particle and process control in manufacturing environments

Ensuring technical cleanliness in a wide range of industries

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pSYS - Out-of-the-box particle monitoring

The in.hub IoT system is our ready-to-install complete bundle of hardware, sensors and software. It can really be put into operation and used by any user - even without prior knowledge! The procurement, configuration and installation effort is completely eliminated. All you need is a power supply and you can start monitoring a wide variety of areas in manufacturing companies. All data and measured values are in the cloud. The data connection is already configured and does not have to be set up separately.

Connecting the IoT system via plug & play

You only need to plug the supply line into a 230V socket for the power supply and connect the supplied sensors to the M8 sockets.

Switching on the device

Real-time monitoring can start right away. The integrated LTE modem conveniently sends the data to the cloud database without any additional network interface.

Start particle monitoring of your areas

Now you simply log in with your username and password and you will find all measured values in a cloud dashboard that you can customize at any time. You can start immediately.

Particle measuring system pSYS

Seamless recording and evaluation of particle concentrations

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The pSYS particle measurement system is a plug & play solution for the seamless recording and evaluation of airborne particle concentrations of dust classes PM1.0 to PM10 at up to 5 measurement points. In addition, this holistic solution includes a temperature sensor and an air humidity sensor to ensure comprehensive information provision of all relevant parameters of the ambient conditions. Furthermore, helpful functions such as automated alarm and reporting are available. With customizable modules, interfaces can also be provided to internal systems such as ERP, CAQ, building management software for HVAC data and many more.

Application examples

  • Avoidance of foreign particles in the surface coating through targeted monitoring
  • Control of occupational health and safety limits
  • Compliance with technical cleanliness guidelines
  • Electrical or semiconductor industry
  • Surface technology
  • Woodworking or chemical industry


  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 5 particle sensors & temperature and humidity
  • Data logging and analysis via cloud
  • Alarms and notifications via email or SMS
  • Extensive reporting functions configurable
  • Dashboard freely configurable
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Connection to ERP, MES and CAQ systems possible
  • No IT integration necessary, as the cloud environment is already onboard
  • Communication and data storage are carried out according to data protection guidelines "Made in Germany" on German servers. Encryption, carrier grade security standards and Telekom's PSA procedure ensure data security and trust.

Konzept zur Partikelüberwachung

Unser fortschrittliches Partikelmesssystem, pSYS, bietet eine optimale Lösung für die Überwachung von Partikeln in Industrieproduktionsbereichen. Dieses erprobte Konzept ist speziell darauf ausgelegt, sich nahtlos in verschiedene industrielle Fertigungsprozesse zu integrieren, kann aber auch spezifisch auf die einzigartigen Anforderungen jeder Produktionsumgebung zugeschnitten werden.


pSYS Comfort


8 GB buffer memory for up to 48 h data security

Power supply

230 V ±10 %, 24 V internal power supply unit

Particle classes/sizes

PM1.0 , PM2.5 , PM4.0 & PM10 | 300 nm -10 μm


1 μg/m³

Concentration / 

1 μg/ m³ - 1000 μg/m³
± 10 μg/m³ @ 0 to 100 μg/m³ ; ± 10 % @ 100 to 1000 μg/m³

Temperature and humidity sensor

±3 % RH (30...70 % RH), otherwise ±5 % RH ±0.3 °C
10...90 % RH at -5...55 °C

Measuring cycle

internal 1 x per second / cloud transmission: maximum value per minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes


1 x 1GbE, 5 x particle sensor, each with 10 m cable length, cable extension 10 m available as accessory


Cloud dashboard, characteristic curves, alarms, limits, reports, data storage 12 months in the cloud

Temperature range

0 °C to 50 °C, 0- 95 % relative humidity non-condensing

Operating system

IIoT operating system SIINEOS

Cloud Features

Online dashboard with live and historical data, data export, reporting function, notification and alarm function, multi-user management, widget configuration

Wall mount

Available as accessories


in Serie


4,245.00 € plus VAT.


pSYS Particle Measuring System

Download (Pdf, 1MB) file_download

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to measure particles larger than 100 micrometers with the particle measurement system pSYS?

The pSYS particle measurement system detects any particle larger than 10 microns, but displays it as a maximum of 10 microns. If you need a higher resolution, please contact us and we will recommend a different sensor type.

Can I also monitor cleanroom classes with the pSYS particle measurement system and have the current class displayed?

Yes, the pSYS particle measurement system can also monitor cleanroom classes and display them accordingly. Please contact us directly about this.

Are the sensors used in the pSYS particle measurement system calibrated?

Yes, the sensors used in the pSYS particle measuring system are calibrated. A corresponding certificate can be obtained for this purpose.

Can I also use the sensors of the particle measuring system pSYS in explosion-proof areas (ATEX)?

No, the use of the sensors from the particle measuring system pSYS in the explosion-proof area is not possible, because the sensors themselves are not ATEX-protected. Other sensors must be used for this purpose. We are happy to help you with the selection.

Can I also install the sensors of the particle measuring system pSYS in my machine?

Yes, the sensors of the pSYS particle measuring system can also be placed directly in the machine. You can find more detailed information in the Instruction Manual.

I would like to write the measured values of the particle measuring system pSYS into my MES system. How does this work?

We will be happy to connect the particle measuring system pSYS with your MES system. Please contact us directly.

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