Current, acoustic & structure-borne sound monitoring in production

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Predicitive maintenance

Perfectly detect machine conditions with simple measurement signals

Current and vibration measurement are two of the most powerful tools for monitoring machines. With these measured variables, a number of key figures can be determined 24/7 for OEE consideration - regardless of the make or age of the machines.

Plug & play approach of in.hub

Thanks to the SIINEOS operating system, the plug & play capability of all in.hub devices convinces with easy handling, fast implementation and extreme performance.

make it. simple. plug & play.

With our plug & play approach, the sensors can be attached almost anywhere on the equipment and process within minutes.

Thanks to the setup wizard of our SIINEOS operating system, commissioning our devices is as easy as operating a smartphone.

Monitoring is easily integrated into the network and the dashboard can be opened from any browser-enabled device on the company's own network or via VPN.

All data material, such as analyses and raw data, is yours and you can also export it directly or dock it to your systems via an interface.

Power monitoring

Based on current values and signatures of plants or processes, conclusions can be drawn about:

  • - Downtimes
  • - Modes of operation
  • - Consumptions
  • - Wear and tear
  • - Waste

Vibration monitoring

Targeted monitoring of vibration, structure-borne noise or acoustics makes the smallest details of the process or plant visible:

  • - Bearing damage
  • - Process deviations
  • - Tool wear
  • - Process window
  • - Defect types
  • Testimonials

    For the interlinked processes of our SMT production lines, the focus of our collaboration with in.hub was on the recording and visualization of the plant states and process parameters, as well as the direct linking with our ERP and planning system. 

    On the one hand, the goal was to have a real-time overview of the yield and machine availability so that changes could be reacted to directly. 

    On the other hand, the early detection of wear parameters was important for us to ensure process stability and exclude unplanned machine downtimes, as well as to be able to carry out preventive maintenance and servicing measures in a planned manner. in.hub has, without additional interfaces or invasive interventions in our IT, completed the connection to our existing ERP system with simple solutions and achieved the desired results. 

    Based on the visualization of our 24/7 real-time data on the dashboards, we have an overview of the process stability of our entire production lines over time.

    Andreas Grimmer | Production Director Turck Beierfeld GmbH
  • Testimonials

    The digitization of our core processes is a strategic pillar for the GETT Group. Our manufacturing competencies have grown continuously over the course of our successful company history. Together with our digitization partner, in.hub GmbH, we are driving forward the digital mapping of important manufacturing parameters. 

    By using the IoT gateway HUB-GM100, we are able to access valuable production data from a cross-manufacturer machine pool in a time- and cost-optimized manner. Among other things, this allows us to optimize our capacity utilization, detect malfunctions at an early stage, and calculate product costs more accurately.

    We would like to thank the in.hub team for the goal-oriented cooperation at all times and look forward to implementing the next projects.

    Pierre Beer | Managing Partner and CEO of GETT

Suitable products

IoT gateways

in.hub IoT gateways for data acquisition, processing, analysis and evaluation.

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The add-on module to quickly and easily monitor current values.

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2 measuring channels for acoustic or structure-borne sound sensors with up to 48kHz sampling

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