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Damage caused by particle contamination

Contamination by airborne particles can cause damage, both to human health and to machines and products. In manufacturing companies, different areas of the company are exposed to different levels of particle contamination. If particles contaminate machine elements such as a gearbox, the functionality of the machine is impaired and this can cause technical problems. In surface coating, for example, particle inclusions in the paint result in high rework costs, which costs time and money.

Controllable air purity is therefore a decisive factor in ensuring continuous compliance with occupational health and safety regulations as well as process and quality standards.

Methods of particle measurement

A conventional and frequently used method for particle measurement is the particle trap. Here, the adhesion of suspended particles on the trap surface is analyzed. This is done cyclically, i.e. at weekly or monthly intervals. The analyses are evaluated in a laboratory. This is time-consuming and expensive. Another proven method is air meters for measuring particle concentrations. On an installed measuring device, the locally measured impurities are shown on a display. Both methods have their justification, but are very costly and provide only past-related data.

In industry, however, the challenge is to record particle concentrations at several measuring points simultaneously and in combination with environmental parameters such as room temperature and air humidity and to evaluate them in real time in order to be able to counteract harmful conditions immediately from the outset. Ideally, the information can also be enriched with the products, customers, machinery, maintenance intervals and other information.

Particle measuring system pSYS

Real-time detection of particle concentrations

For near-real-time and seamless monitoring of particle concentrations, in.hub GmbH has developed the pSYS system for near-real-time monitoring of particle concentrations in cooperation with renowned customers and partners from the automotive industry as well as filtration and sensor technology.

The pSYS particle measurement system is a plug & play solution for the seamless recording and evaluation of concentrations of dust classes PM1.0 to PM10 at up to 5 measurement points. In addition, this holistic solution includes a temperature and a humidity sensor to ensure comprehensive information provision of all relevant parameters of the ambient conditions. Furthermore, helpful functions such as automated alarm and reporting are available. With customizable modules, interfaces can also be provided to in-house systems such as ERP, CAQ, building management software for HVAC data and many more.

Proven in.hub concept for particle monitoring

We have developed a proven concept for particle monitoring in industrial manufacturing environments, but it can be customized as needed.

  • Testimonials

    In our "Digital Printing and Painting" department, we produce decorative walls for our wet cell modules, which are used in both building construction and shipbuilding. Among other things, we had to deal with dust inclusions in the paint and problems with the extraction of paint mist. Thanks to the pSYS particle measurement system, we were able to detect the dust entrapment in the paint room and introduce suitable countermeasures. 

    The spread of paint mist, which is invisible to us, was reduced to a minimum by optimizing the supply and exhaust air parameters, thus protecting the health of our employees in the long term. Furthermore, we were able to detect fluctuations in air temperature and humidity caused by the supply air system and reduce them by adjusting the control system. 

    At the moment, our paint shop is permanently monitored for the stability of the exhaust parameters. This allows us to change supply and exhaust air filters in time and at the same time gather important information for our maintenance plans. The support of the company in.hub was always quick and uncomplicated to answer any questions about the measurement and evaluation of the data.

    Jörg Eickholz | Technical Development Digital Printing Coating
  • Testimonials

    We develop and manufacture technical components, machine elements as well as complete machines and plants in wood construction. Our production area was on the one hand subject to fluctuating climatic conditions and on the other hand, due to processing of the wood, very high dust loads. 

    In order to prevent damage to the health of employees and to avoid restrictions to the quality of our raw materials, we used the particle measuring system pSYS to monitor dust and climate. We were convinced by the slim and robust design and the easy handling of the system. Thanks to the pSYS, we have a continuous and near real-time view of the particle concentrations in our workshop area. 

    The flexible expandability of the system now enables us to monitor our energy management in a next step. We thank in.hub for the professional consulting and the fast and smooth implementation of the project!

    Christoph Alt | CEO Ligenium GmbH
  • Testimonials

    We have implemented the particle measurement system pSYS out-of-the-box in the company ourselves and were able for the first time to determine the actual hotspots and particle concentration levels the actual hotspots and the level of particle concentrations in our paint shops as well as in the entire in the entire production area. 

    The directly visible correlation between the effects of the different paint systems on particulate levels in the plant has prompted us to make specific adjustments to our process steps for painting our high-quality high-gloss parts.

    In doing so, we were able to significantly reduce our scrap and rework rates and thus cut costs. Thanks to continuous monitoring of our production environments, our customers also benefit from consistent and transparent quality standards for their products.

    Joachim Feulner | Six Sigma Warranty | Six Sigma Master Black Belt | Q/U/E-Management

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The complete out-of-the-box particle measurement system for easy plug & play installation.

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